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A Note from Professional Matchmaker Michelle Jacoby

Welcome to Dress for Date Night!

I came up with the idea for a curated collection of outfits for date night because I noticed a lot of women have great work wardrobes but don't have the right clothes for dating.

Did you know most men decide in just four seconds if they're attracted to their date? What you wear really does matter.

And did you know people who wear bright colors instead of neutrals are perceived as nicer, warmer, happier, and more open? Conversely, dark colors like navy and black are more masculine, powerful and cold.

When you're dating, femininity is your superpower, so I encourage my female clients to wear color in their online dating photos and on dates. You'll notice there isn't a lot of black in our store.

I curated this collection for single women, but you don't have to be single to enjoy these gorgeous clothes! Whether you're going on a first date or planning a fun night with your partner, I hope you find clothes here that you absolutely love. I want you to feel confident and beautiful every time you go out. That energy will totaly radiate!

With LOVE, Michelle

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